Wildfire Writing

I arrived in my first writing class, Wildfire Writing with all the wrong ideas and clueless about misery to come. The course description mentioned that any type of writing could be improved, so I assumed that meant boring old bloggers. I paid up and showed up to class with my computer in my backpack. As the Wildfire students gathered […]

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Embracing Yuck

In a “Gray Matter” ” column for The New York Times Sunday Review December 31, 2016, neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett writes about “superaging” based on her research and that of others who study the topic. Nice summary article. I need it right now as I struggle with WordPress and getting this website going. Dr. Barrett writes that to gain […]

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When I’m a guest it is in everyone’s best interest for me to be able to find my way to a bathroom at night. Quietly. Last week my husband, John, and I visited our oldest son. Sam is a very techie guy who could open his own “electronic toys r us for adults” store. On this […]

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