1,008 Steps of Compulsion

Sunday is the end of my Fitbit week, and this morning I looked at my record of steps for the week and noticed that I could push my little step count into six digits. That would be a personal record since my kids gave me a FitBit nine months ago.

A lot has happened in recent months. Surgery, rehab, regaining strength. The little FitBit has been a motivator along the way.

Today I had yard work I wanted to do, a daughter I enjoyed hanging out with, and household chores. But when I saw that near the end of the day that I was still 1,008 steps to six figures, I started talking to myself.

“So what, if you get 100,000 steps this week. It is all arbitrary.”

“The places you got to hike this week are more important than a crazy number on the FitBit!”

“Is chasing a FitBit number the most important thing you have to do right now? Really? ”

Apparently, it was.

I got those 1,008 and a few more. I’d try to write about whether or not I think it is a good thing, but it has taken so long to figure out how to get the photo from my phone edited and into this post, that I’m done.

So very done.