Embracing Yuck

In a “Gray Matter” ” column for The New York Times Sunday Review December 31, 2016, neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett writes about “superaging” based on her research and that of others who study the topic. Nice summary article. I need it right now as I struggle with WordPress and getting this website going.

Dr. Barrett writes that to gain benefit from physical or mental exercise, “You must expend enough effort that you feel some ‘yuck.’ Do it till it hurts.”

I have to remind myself that to get this website designed and running is a yucky good thing. I’m taking a udemy class on WordPress and it is fortunate that I can rewind, rewind, review, and re-struggle. Time, and time, and time again. Ugh!

I think this post has links that work. YeaHoo! Moving on to the next yucky thing to manage!