My Butt Encased in Spandex

Michael was headed to Costco later in the day, and I asked,

“Will you put some ‘Men’s Small’ white t-shirts on the Costco list?”

“Why do we need t-shirts?”

“We don’t need them, but I do.”

“What do you need those for?”

“To wear to the gym.”

Michael is a retired coach and aware of the latest and greatest in athletic wear so this knowledge guided his response.

“You don’t wear cotton t-shirts to the gym. Why would you even want to do that?”

I flipped up the vest I was wearing to reveal my butt encased in athletic tights.

“I’d like to wear these tights because they hug the varicose veins on my right shin and it feels better. I don’t like that I have my butt hanging out. Most athletic shirts these days are tight, and I just want a baggy one.”

“You don’t wear cotton to a workout and get sweaty. What you have on is just fine.”

“It just doesn’t feel age appropriate to have form-fitting shirts on with these tights.”

“That’s silly.”

Michael went back to working a crossword or sudoku to conclude the discussion. It is a typical conclusion to many interactions around here. But, I knew he was right, it was just a pointless concern.

I went on to the gym later that day and celebrated every old person who just showed up, regardless of how their bodies were packaged. And then I laughed at the silliness of my worry about my butt or of giving thought to Michael’s opinion. Someday I may be the oldest, frailest, or most crooked person at the gym. When those times come, I just need to celebrate getting there no matter how I’m wrapped in gear.

Avoiding mirrors may help.