OMG when did this happen?

The shock came when I took a selfie to document a small place on my nose that felt scratchy and hadn’t seemed to heal for a while. I planned the “before” picture as evidence to see if I could improve the little spot by more careful application of lotion or other self-treatments. If it didn’t change after a few weeks, I’d head to the doctor.

When I looked at the photo of an ancient woman I was jolted. This was not an “isn’t life exciting” sort of surprise, but rather a punch to the gut as I stared at someone who I wished I didn’t recognize.

My best reflections

I suppose I’m like most of us who look in a mirror. I smile, I hold my head high, and then do what I can in the morning to improve the image I see. I’m sure it is obvious that I haven’t invested in special treatments to help out my face, although I’ve thought about it.

At the end of my basic morning process with lotions, potions, and occasional unsightly hair removal, I add whatever color may help package my countenance a little better. Then I stand at a distance and survey my handiwork in the mirror.

Head held high. With a smile.

But this isn’t a post about my hap-hazard morning routine.

It is about the shock of seeing that close-up image. The wrinkles, the blotches, and the creepy jowl that popped out as I stared down at my phone to take the picture.

I did observe that were no huge hairs sprouting in the photo. But believe me, that wasn’t much satisfaction.

Life creeps along

Without a smile, makeup, and the opportunity to hold my head high, that photo was an unintended reminder of something I already knew. No matter how alive I try to feel, and act, I’m one heck of an old specimen of humanity. I just rarely notice that unwelcome fact. Until I look at a photo and gasp, “OMG how did that happen?”

As I’ve reverberated with shock, I know that I can’t go back. There isn’t much to do but move on with or without special facial treatments that I’m suddenly considering — at least a little bit.

Lesson learned

I did draw one conclusion from the photo. I will try to stretch my head up high and hold the camera as far away as I can before I ever snap a selfie again!